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WP5: Policy

Our Policy work package collects data on migration-related policies in ten countries of origin and transit. The policy review is based on document analysis and expert interviews.

Bamyan, Afghanistan. Credit - Sandra Calligaro, CC.
Bamyan, Afghanistan. Photo: Sandra Calligaro, CC BY.

MIGNEX explores how policy interventions shape migration dynamics as well as the impacts of migration on development. We refer to ‘migration-relevant policies’ rather than ‘migration policies’ because policy in diverse fields can make a difference.

The policy review is carried out at the national level for each of the countries of origin and transit, but with attention to regionally specific policies that affect the research areas. The review will examine how major migration-relevant policies have evolved in recent years. It will also address the policies’ perceived effects and interaction with national or regional development policy.

The guidelines for the policy review are presented in MIGNEX Handbook Chapter 9 while the overall results are documented in MIGNEX Handbook Chapter 12. Findings from the ten countries are presented in a series of MIGNEX Policy Briefs.

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