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Jessica Hagen Zanker

Jessica Hagen-Zanker

Jessica is a Senior Research Fellow at ODI, where she leads the Institute’s migration research. She holds a PhD in Public Policy from Maastricht University. Jessica's research focuses on the effects of migration policies and economic and social policies on a range of migration-related issues, including migrant decision-making, migration and development, and the links between migration and social protection. Her work has covered a diverse range of countries including Albania, Ethiopia and Nepal. She has extensive experience in the design and analysis of household surveys, conducting systematic literature reviews and the analysis of social protection programmes and policies.

Jessica’s responsibilities within MIGNEX include leadership of Work Package 3: Patterns (mapping activities, experiences and perceptions through surveys), leadership of Work Package 10: Impact maximisation (mobilizing knowledge for action), survey data collection in Cabo Verde, Guinea, Nigeria and Tunisia, qualitative data collection in Guinea and Nigeria, policy review in Cabo Verde, Guinea and Nigeria, analysis of the effects of the multi-level determination of migration processes and analysis of the effects of migration processes on development outcomes. Jessica is in charge of the project’s End-User Board and End-User Panel.

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