MIGNEX Survey Teaching Dataset

The MIGNEX Survey Teaching Dataset is a resource for training in survey data analyses. The data is a subsample from the MIGNEX Survey which was designed to yield insights on connections between migration, development and policy.

The full MIGNEX Survey Dataset will be made publicly available at the end of the project period. The MIGNEX Survey Teaching Dataset provides an opportunity for teaching in the meantime.

MIGNEX also produces other datasets, so this is specifically the MIGNEX Survey Teaching Dataset; there is no such thing as ‘the MIGNEX dataset’.


The MIGNEX Survey Teaching Dataset covers 14 research areas in 6 countries* with a random subsample of 150 respondents in each:

Cabo Verde     
São Nicolau (CPV1)
Boa Vista (CVP2)

Gbane (GHA1)
Golf City (GHA2)
New Takoradi (GHA3)

Boffa (GIN1)
Dialakoro (GIN2)

Down Quarters (NGA1)
Awe (NGA2)
Ekpoma (NGA3)

Enfidha (TUN1)
Redeyef (TUN2)

Hopa (TUR1)
Yenice (TUR2)

The MIGNEX Survey Teaching Dataset includes most variables from the full dataset, though some variables have been modified to prevent identification of individuals (see steps taken to de-identify the dataset and further anonymise the full dataset in MIGNEX Handbook Chapter 10, Hagen-Zanker et al., 2022)

*Because of the politically sensitive contexts, data from Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Somalia and the research area Kilis in Turkey are not included


Instructors can obtain the data file and share it with their students. The data file must not be shared publicly. To request the MIGNEX Survey Teaching Dataset, please e-mail Jessica Hagen-Zanker and provide the following information:

  1. Name of the university or teaching institution
  2. Name of the course in which the data will be use.
  3. Level of the course (e.g. year or degree)
  4. Number of students

Conditions of use

  1. The data source in tables and figures must always be identified as MIGNEX Survey Teaching Dataset.
  2. The full text of papers, theses, or other written work must include the following disclaimer: The MIGNEX Survey Teaching Dataset is created for training purposes. Analyses of this dataset do not represent project results.
  3. Analyses of the data must not be published or otherwise distributed in ways that suggest that they are research results.

Please note that the survey has been designed to produce representative data of young adults at the level of each research area. Pooling the data from the research areas in a country does not produce nationally representative results.


Upon completion of the course, instructors should share a list of dissertations and papers that used the MIGNEX Survey Teaching Dataset with the MIGNEX Project Manager. This information is used to monitor the impact of the MIGNEX project. MIGNEX may share the names of universities and examples of topics where the data is being used.

Documentation and resources

See mignex.org for general information about the project. The MIGNEX Survey Dataset is documented in Handbook Chapter 7: Survey data collection and Handbook Chapter 10: Documentation of survey data.

The MIGNEX Case Study Briefs provide background information about each research area.

Additional documentation or teaching materials specifically for the MIGNEX Survey Teaching Dataset might be made available. Subscribe to the MIGNEX Newsletter to be alerted.