Our research

We want to understand and explain how migration and development affect each other in complex ways. These new insights can help formulate policies that are more coherent, effective and balanced.

Our approach

MIGNEX is first and foremost a scientific research project. Our team includes leading expertise on migration and development. The project is designed around the ambition of not only creating new knowledge, but also ensuring that it has an impact.

Our timeline

MIGNEX is a six-year project and runs from September 2018 to August 2024 (the project was initially set to end in August 2023 but has been prolonged due to COVID-19 and its effects). The diagram below lays out major activities and milestones. Our data collection in ten countries is a huge investment, so we spend considerable time preparing and developing methodology to ensure that the data serve their purpose. The analysis of policy starts alongside data collection, while the analysis of causes and consequences of migration begins after data from the field are ready.

We will produce more than eighty publications in the course of the project. The diagram shows how the number of publications will grow over time. The bulk of MIGNEX publications will be available from mid-2021 onwards.

Our Timeline
Original timeline for the MIGNEX Project

Our publications

We document our research and communicate our findings through publications in different formats. All the planned and already published titles are listed on the publications section of the website.

MIGNEX publications

MIGNEX Handbook Chapters

Documentation of project procedures and data, serving mainly as a tool for the project team, but made public to ensure transparency.

MIGNEX Background Papers

Scientific papers with documentation and analyses that provide foundations for conclusions and policy implications presented in other formats.

MIGNEX Case Study Briefs

Short, illustrated accounts of migration dynamics in each of the 26 research areas, based on survey data, interviews and fieldwork.

MIGNEX Policy Briefs

Succinct non-technical publications that convey selected findings of particular relevance to the policy community, drawing from analyses in the background papers.

Journal Articles

Articles based on the background papers that are published in peer-reviewed journals and contribute to anchoring MIGNEX research in the scientific community.

MIGNEX Reports

Illustrated reports that present key findings in a comprehensive but non-technical way, based upon analyses from the background papers.