MIGNEX Training Resources

The impact of MIGNEX lies partly in promoting quality and innovation in migration research and supporting new generations of researchers. 

We have made the most of MIGNEX being a large and ambitious project and sought to develop best practices in several areas. Listed below are resources that may be valuable to researchers and students.

Learning about research communication

Using the MIGNEX survey to teach methods and statistics

The MIGNEX survey offers unique insights into survey methodology and survey data analysis of the links between migration and development.

A subsample of the MIGNEX Survey Dataset has been created specifically for use in teaching. It is available to all instructors upon request. Please see the MIGNEX Survey Teaching Dataset for details.

Using MIGNEX data in a master’s thesis

Master’s students at one of the MIGNEX consortium institutions can access MIGNEX data for use in their theses before the data is publicly released.

When the data is made publicly available, it can be used by students everywhere. Please see MIGNEX data for details.