MIGNEX Handbook Chapter

5: Communications and impact


Communications is an ethos that is fundamental to MIGNEX, involves all team members and underpins our expected impacts. This handbook chapter is a guide for all aspects of communications and impact maximisation, from producing publications to engaging with end users.

By Helen Dempster, Jørgen Carling, Jessica Hagen-Zanker, Amy Leach – Published on 31 May 2019
Key takeaways
High-quality communications are central to realising our expected impacts. Our detailed procedures help secure integrity and quality in all outputs.
All MIGNEX team members are involved in communications, producing engaging outputs and disseminating findings.
MIGNEX directly engages end-users throughout the project to ensure greater impact.

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Dempster H., Carling J., Hagen-Zanker J. and Leach A. (2019) Communication and impact.
MIGNEX Handbook Chapter 5. Oslo: Peace Research Institute Oslo. Available at: