MIGNEX Handbook Chapter

10: Documentation of survey data

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This chapter documents the survey data collection process, including experiences in the field that inform interpretation of the data. It recounts survey execution and challenges and shows response rates. It also describes how the data was cleaned and prepared for use for analysis, as well as the preparation of other important variables like weights.

Key takeaways
The MIGNEX survey was overwhelmingly executed as planned, despite the challenges related to the Covid-19 pandemic and insecurity in some of the contexts.
The information included here ensures transparency of survey implementation, data cleaning and preparation.
We also document the steps taken to ensure representativeness of the MIGNEX sample at the research area level, weight calculations and potential sampling bias.

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Hagen-Zanker, J., Carling, J., Caso, N., Hennessey, G., and Rubio, M. (2023) Documentation of survey data, MIGNEX Handbook Chapter 10 (v2). Oslo: Peace Research Institute Oslo. Available at https://www.mignex.org/d032.