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Gemma Hennessey

Gemma Hennessey

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Gemma is a Research Officer for Migration at ODI. She holds an MSc in International Public Policy and an LLB in Law. Her research focuses on migration and development, social protection for migrants and migrant integration. Gemma’s work is interdisciplinary, applying both quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis methods, and has country experience in India and Nepal. Prior to joining ODI, Gemma undertook field research into the UK’s nascent refugee community sponsorship programme for the Institute for Research into Superdiversity. Gemma has also worked as a project worker with resettled Syrian refugees and volunteered for Refugee Rights Europe.

Gemma’s responsibilities within MIGNEX include preparation and coordination of survey data collection, survey data collection in Cabo Verde, Guinea, Nigeria and Tunisia, qualitative data collection in Guinea and Nigeria, policy review in Cabo Verde, Guinea and Nigeria, analysis of the effects of the multi-level determination of migration processes and analysis of the effects of migration processes on development outcomes.

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