MIGNEX Handbook Chapter

8: Qualitative data collection

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The MIGNEX qualitative data will provide insights about each of the 25 research areas by capturing unforeseen elements and incorporating the perspectives of populations directly affected by migration dynamics. This will be achieved through focus groups, key informant interviews, observation and photographs.

By Marta Bivand Erdal, Jørgen Carling – Published on 30 June 2020
Key takeaways
The focus groups, key informant interviews and observation data will shed light on the migration dynamics and specific developments in the 25 research areas.
Data collection will result in five outputs: Research Area Interim Reports, including coding scales, focus group transcripts, photographs of the area, and photos of doors in the research area.
The qualitative data will be analysed separately but also combined with the survey data for the MIGNEX project’s Qualitative Comparative Analysis, with research areas as units of analysis.

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