Marta is a Research Professor in Migration Studies at the Peace Research Institute Oslo. She holds a PhD in Human Geography from the University of Oslo. Marta is interested in impacts of migration in both emigration and immigration contexts, for individuals and societies. Her research is, among others, about return migration, remittances and migrant transnationalism, and about contemporary experiences of – and policies on – citizenship and nationhood. Her geographic focus is on South Asia and Europe, with emphasis on Pakistan, Poland and Norway. Marta’s research is mainly based on interviews and focus groups. She has considerable experience with leading large-scale focus group data-collection efforts.

Marta’s responsibilities within MIGNEX include leadership of Work Package 4: Perspectives (gathering unforeseeable insights through qualitative data collection), qualitative data collection in Pakistan, review of the links between migration management, development, and migrant integration, and analyses of determination of migration as reflected in focus group data.

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