Ensuring comparability in cross-national research on migration

Held on on 25 May 2021, this public webinar addressed the challenges encountered and lessons learned in cross-national research projects conducting comparative research. Hosted by TRAFIG as part of the 'Zooming in on Migration and Asylum' webinar series.


  • Dr Benjamin Etzold, Senior Researcher at the peace and conflict studies center BICC and Scientific Coordinator of the TRAFIG project
  • Dr Marta Bivand Erdal, Research Professor in Migration Studies at the Peace Research Institute Oslo and lead for Work Package 4: Perspectives for the MIGNEX project
  • Dr Lea Müller-Funk, Research Fellow at GIGA German Institute of Global and Area Studies and researcher on the MAGYC project

Moderated by Dr Ayşen Üstübici, Assistant Professor in the Department of International Relations and Department of Sociology at Koç University and researcher on the MIGNEX project.

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