Ayşen is an Assistant Professor in the Department of International Relations and Department of Sociology at Koç University and is a member of the executive board of the Migration Research Center at Koç University. She holds a dual degree PhD in Political Science from Koç University and in Social Sciences from the University of Amsterdam. Ayşen’s research interests include irregular migration, migrant incorporation patterns, access to rights, migration and asylum policies in transit countries as well as social cohesion, aspirations, migration and development. She has experience conducting qualitative fieldwork in different parts of Turkey and Morocco.

Ayşen’s responsibilities within MIGNEX include survey data collection in Turkey, qualitative data collection in Tunisia and Turkey, policy review in Tunisia and Turkey, comparison and assessment of approaches to managing transit migration, review of the links between migration management, development, and migrant integration, and evaluation of the overall European approach to third-country cooperation on migration.

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