MIGNEX Background Paper

Migration-relevant policies in Turkey


This paper presents the results of a policy review of the MIGNEX project in Turkey. It provides an overview of the key migration policies in Turkey and their interaction with development and development policies.

By Pınar Ensari, Ayşen Üstübici, Nilay Kavur, Maryam Ekhtiari – Published on 15 February 2023
Key takeaways
Turkey’s diaspora engagement policies have become more proactive in the last decade. Emigration rates for highly skilled individuals have accelerated in recent years and the Turkish government is taking actions to reverse this trend.
Turkey has acted as a gatekeeper in managing transit migration into the EU but also uses this role as a foreign policy tool to gain leverage in its relations with the EU.
Although one of the largest refugee recipients in the world, Turkey does not give official refugee status to asylum seekers outside of Europe.

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Ensari, P., Üstübici, A., Kavur, N. and Ekhtiari, M. (2023) Migration-relevant policies in Turkey. MIGNEX Background Paper (v2). Oslo: Peace Research Institute Oslo. Available at https://www.mignex.org/tur