MIGNEX Case Study Briefs

Migration dynamics in Erigavo, Somalia (Somaliland)

Young adults are hopeful for the future of Erigavo amid sustained improvement in security and expansion in infrastructure. Migration aspirations are low, though internal migration is common.

By Fatuma Ahmed, Jessica Hagen-Zanker, Hannah Murray – Published on 26 July 2022
Key takeaways
Relative to other locations in Somalia and Somaliland, Erigavo is considered safe by residents. Some 67% consider it safe to walk the streets at night.
Among those young adults who would prefer to stay in Somalia and Somaliland over the next five years (69%), the majority (77%) would rather stay in Erigavo than migrate internally.
Two-thirds (66%) of young adults expect to stay in Erigavo in the next five years, though 34% expect to leave, often for better livelihoods, health services or education opportunities elsewhere in the country.

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Ahmed, F. Hagen-Zanker, J. Murray, H. (2022) Migration and development dynamics in Erigavo, Somalia (Somaliland). MIGNEX Case Study Brief. Oslo: Peace Research Institute Oslo.