New insights on the causes of migration


As people navigate challenges and opportunities in their lives, some see migration to another country as their best next step. MIGNEX data from 26 communities across Africa, Asia and the Middle East sheds light on what prompts this conclusion. There are influences that matter almost across the board, but a more striking finding is the remarkable variation in the causes of migration.

By Jørgen Carling, Jessica Hagen-Zanker, Zina Weisner – Published on 24 April 2024
Key takeaways
Migration is a multifaceted and stepwise process
Migration is shaped by many factors, all at once
Each migration determinant can work in contrary ways
Migration means different things in different contexts
Wealth and livelihood opportunities have opposing effects
Corruption is a major driver of migration
Migration fosters migration, at multiple levels

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Carling, J., Hagen-Zanker, J. and Weisner, Z. (2024) New insights on the causes of migration. MIGNEX Report. Oslo: Peace Research Institute Oslo. Available at www.mignex.org/d067