Sampling respondents in migration surveys: challenges and trade-offs

Held on 8 October 2020, this event brought together researchers and practitioners to reflect on the challenges and trade-offs when designing sampling strategies for surveys on migration and development. The overarching objective was to provide a space for reflection on best practices and shared challenges.


  • Jasper Tjaden, Data and Impact Analytics Coordinator, GMDAC, IOM
  • Jessica Hagen-Zanker, Senior Research Fellow, ODI and survey lead and institutional lead for MIGNEX
  • Joseph Teye, Director of the Centre for Migration Studies, University of Ghana and institutional lead for MIGNEX
  • Catia Batista, Associate Professor of Economics, Nova School of Business and Economics and Scientific Director, Novafrica Research Center

Moderated by Jørgen Carling, project lead for MIGNEX, Peace Research Institute Oslo.

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