Opportunity to present at conference on migration and development in the ‘Global South’

Young scholars and early career academics are invited to submit abstracts at a high-level conference on migration in the Global South in October 2019, organised by MIGNEX partner Koç University.

By Jessica Hagen-Zanker – Published on

‘Migration and Development in the ‘Global South’: Research Challenges and Policy Implications’, a conference organised by the Migration Research Center at Koç University from 24-25 October 2019, will explore South-South migration trends and dynamics. Like MIGNEX, the conference will draw linkages between development and migration, looking at movement both in the Global South and from the Global North. 

Young scholars and early career academics are encouraged to present their work at a range of panels taking place alongside high-level roundtables. Papers must engage directly with the notion of ‘Global South’, focusing on one of the following themes and with abstract submissions due on the 19th June: 

  • The Migration-Development Nexus
  • Urban Migration: Cities, Labor, Processes of Othering and Forms of Belonging
  • Forced Migration in the ‘Global South’: Legal Frameworks, Actors and Experiences
  • Methodological Innovation and Terminology in Migration Research on ‘Global South’
  • Research Collaboration across Geographies and Institutions in the ‘Global South’ and ‘Global North’

Want to find out more? Check out more information, including a list of keynote speakers and submit an abstract here. 

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