Work package

WP6: Causes

Our Causes work package explores the processes that spur and shape migration. These processes include various aspects of development. Our analyses are set up to understand how factors at different levels work together.

Dire Dawa, Ethiopia. Photo: Francisco Anzola, CC BY.

We seek to develop explanations of migration that go beyond simply identifying ‘root causes’. Instead, we follow a conceptual approach to how migration arises that places migration within the context of other pathways to more prosperous, secure and fulfilling futures, and which separates the aspiration to migrate from the ability to do so. Work Package 6 comprises six analytical tasks:

  • Exploratory multi-level analyses of migration processes and development contexts
  • Regression analyses of the multi-level determination of migration processes
  • Regression analyses of alternative responses to dissatisfaction
  • Analyses of migration on drivers as reflected in focus group data
  • Qualitative comparative analysis of the determination of migration processes
  • Summary analysis of the effects of the multi-level determination of migration processes

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