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WP7: Consequences

Our Consequences work package refines current understandings of how migration processes affect development outcomes. We take a broad approach to both the ‘migration’ and the ‘development’ ends of this relationship.

Hargeisa, Somaliland. Photo: Clay Gilliland, CC BY-SA.

Migration can have profound impacts on the societies that people leave behind. These impacts can be positive, negative, contradictory, subjective and perhaps contested depending on one’s point of view. Our analyses concentrate on impacts at the local level, reflected in experiences in our 25 research areas. We examine not only the effects of actual departures, but also seek to understand how attitudes towards migration matter for local development.

One of our background papers provides an important foundation by reviewing the ways in which the development impacts of migration have been measured in existing research. Work Package 7 comprises six analytical tasks:

  • Exploratory multi-level analyses of migration processes and development outcomes
  • Regression analyses of direct effects of migration processes on development outcomes
  • Regression analyses of indirect effects of migration processes on development outcomes
  • Analyses of migration effects on development outcomes as reflected in focus group data
  • Qualitative comparative analysis of migration-related determinants of development outcomes
  • Summary analysis of the effects of migration processes on development outcomes

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