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WP2: Synchronization

Our Synchronization work package ensures cohesion and complementarity across the different methodological components of the project. It also develops new methodological foundations where needed.

Health workers in Gedo region, Somalia
Gedo Region, Somalia Credit: AMISOM public information, CC

MIGNEX collects data in ten countries of origin and transit. Most of the data collection is concentrated in two or three research areas in each country. There are 25 research areas in total across the ten countries. The data collection in countries of origin and transit takes three forms:

Work package 2 is tasked with ensuring synergies between these forms of data and making sure that the data that is collected meets our needs for analysis.

Much of our analyses uses standard techniques for qualitative and quantitative data. However, we develop innovative methods for addressing aspects of migration and development that remain poorly understood. In particular, we use Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA) for comparing the experiences of our 25 research areas. There are many forms of qualitative research that are comparative, but QCA refers to a specific and formalized approach.

One of our Background Papers provides explanation and develops a QCA methodology for research on migration and development. MIGNEX Handbook Chapter 6 accounts for the compilation of data for QCA and MIGNEX Handbook Chapter 13 documents the final data set, known as the research area truth table in QCA terminology.

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