Work package

WP3: Patterns

Our Patterns work package collects data on migration and development experiences and processes through a survey. The survey covers 25 research areas across ten countries and has a target sample of 12,500 respondents.

Boa Vista, Cape Verde. Photo: Isidro Lopez Arcos, CC.

The MIGNEX Survey covers the general population of young adults in each research area. There is no initial screening or purposive over-sampling of sub-groups. The intensity of migration varies, but migration processes are sufficiently prominent in all ten countries to be studied on the basis of the general population. Our primary interest is not in migrants, but in residents whose lives are touched by migration in one way or another. 

The survey covers a range of topics related to migration and development. MIGNEX Handbook Chapter 7 presents the data collection protocol and MIGNEX Handbook Chapter 10 documents the data collection process and the resulting data set.

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