Work package

WP1: Management

Our Management work package ensures that we allocate our financial and human resources well and achieve our objectives. This work package also coordinates cross-cutting issues such as data management, research ethics and research integrity.

Santo Antão, Cabo Verde. Photo: Patrick Savalle, CC BY.

The size and complexity of MIGNEX calls for systematic and efficient project management. Project management is not just the responsibility of the project leadership but concerns priorities and strategic decision-making throughout the project team. All our activities are specified as tasks and situated within a specific work package. This structure allocates responsibility to institutions and individuals and helps monitor progress. Good management with clear roles and procedures prepares the ground for productive and enjoyable teamwork.

Quality assurance is a key aspect of our project management. Our quality objective is twofold: always ensuring quality above a minimum threshold and as often as possible raising the quality towards excellence. We follow ten overall strategies for assuring and maximizing quality within the project; each strategy is reflected in specific actions. These are described in MIGNEX Handbook Chapter 1, Project management and quality assurance.

The project leadership consists of the Project Leader and the Project Manager. They regularly consult with the Steering Committee, which has four permanent and one rotating member. The ultimate decision-making body of the consortium is the General Assembly, in which each institution is represented with one member.

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