Work package

WP4: Perspectives

Our Perspectives work package garners unforeseen and nuanced insights on migration and development through qualitative data collection in 25 research areas across ten countries. Fieldwork comprises key informant interviews and focus groups.

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Photo: Francisco Anzola, CC BY.

Through qualitative data collection MIGNEX analyses elusive elements – such as hopes, fears, and aspirations – that mediate the relationships between migration and development. Key informant interviews and focus groups will be conducted in a semi-structured fashion.

Qualitative interviews and focus groups are demanding forms of data collection that require qualified interaction with informants in order to pursue relevant information and adapt the data collection to the context that is encountered. The qualitative data collection is therefore carried out by research staff – supported by interpreters and assistants when necessary, but not subcontracted or delegated to interviewers.

The qualitative data collection covers a range of topics related to migration and development. MIGNEX Handbook Chapter 8 presents the data collection protocol and MIGNEX Handbook Chapter 11 documents the data collection process and the resulting data.

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