MIGNEX Case Study Briefs

Migration and development dynamics in Redeyef, Tunisia

Cover image: Migration and development dynamics in Redeyef, Tunisia

Redeyef is a marginalised mining town; decades of job cuts and corruption have made local people feel resentful and pessimistic about future livelihood prospects. Migration is seen as a beacon of hope, though the risks and costs can be high.

Key takeaways
Most people in Redeyef (77%) have family, relatives or friends but only a third of these households receive remittances.
Most young adults would legally migrate abroad if given the chance, but with regular migration pathways becoming less available, unfulfilled migration aspirations remain high.
Irregular migration journeys have become more common, despite the risks. Half of young adults know someone who was deported or forcibly returned to Tunisia.

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Kasavan, C. Azouzi, S. Hagen-Zanker, J. Carling, J. and Johnson, N. (2022) Migration dynamics and development Dynamics in Redeyef, Tunisia. MIGNEX Case Study Brief. Oslo: Peace Research Institute Oslo.