Great to be back together

After two days of inspiring discussion with MIGNEX colleagues, we share refections and next steps as we continue to build new knowledge on migration, development and policy.

By Hannah Murray – Published on

This week, MIGNEX held its fourth Consortium meeting, hosted by our partner MiReKoc at Koç University, Istanbul.

Leading researchers from ten institutions across the world came together for two days of productive discussion. 

We met at critical stage of the project, as we move from our extensive data collection into the formulation of new insights for migration research and policymaking. We spent a lot of time thinking about how we should combine, and analyse our data, in order to respond to the critical questions we face in migration and development in forthcoming publications.

This offered us an opportunity take stock of progress so far and plan our next steps, here we’ll share a few key takeaways.  


Moving from data collection into the formulation of analysis and implications, Furrukh Khan reflected on how in-depth discussions - on hopes, fears and aspirations – during qualitative fieldwork has offered unforeseen, nuanced insights into migration & development dynamics in our forthcoming publications. 

Marta Bivand Erdal reflected on the value of working collaboratively, as part of a global team of researchers - and looks forward to analysing the data together over next two years.

Looking ahead

If we are to build new insights that truly make a difference, understanding of the diverse interests and needs of those who are interested in our research will be critical. Our range of publications - from Background Papers to Policy Briefs, Case Studies and Reports – are critical to ensuring our research remains relevant to policymakers, practitioners and researchers alike.

Already, our series of Handbook Chapters are garnering significant interest among academic communities. In our commitment to transparency, this series documents exactly how we carry out our research - from qualitative and survey data collection to project management and quality assurance. These publications have led to several webinars on our research methods. We hope this will offer inspiration for future research projects.

Our Background Papers offer new insights on Links between migration management, development and integration, Migration-relevant policies in Pakistan and Internal (in)coherence in European migration policies. These papers offer early findings ahead of forthcoming conclusions and policy implications. Carlos Vargas-Silva reflected on the team's ongoing analysis of migration-related policies across ten countries of origin and transit.

Our Case Study Briefs provide an overview of migration and development dynamics in 26 research areas. Six have been published so far, with more to come over the coming months.

Stay informed

Over the next two years, MIGNEX will publish over 60 publications with new insights into migration, development, and policy. 

Sign up for updates on all upcoming publications in our quarterly newsletter. You can also follow our activity at #MIGNEX.

We very much welcome questions, reflections, or feedback on any of our publications. If you’d like to speak with the team, please get in touch at

MIGNEX Consortium, 2022

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