MIGNEX Handbook Chapter

6: QCA conditions and measurement

Cover image of MIGNEX Handbook Chapter 6 on QCA conditions and measurements

Analyses within MIGNEX draw upon a combination of different forms of data, brought together by means of the Qualitative Comparative Analysis. This chapter presents the building blocks of these analyses.

By Mathias Czaika, Jørgen Carling – Published on 30 June 2020
Key takeaways
MIGNEX data from different data collection methods cover 24 themes related to migration and development. Some of the data belong to more than one theme.
Data elements are combined to construct ‘conditions’ and ‘outcomes’ that are combined in different ways in the analyses.
Development-related conditions address perceptions of change and future expectations as well as current circumstances.

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Czaika M. and Carling J. (2019) QCA conditions and measurement, MIGNEX Handbook Chapter 6 (v1). Oslo: Peace Research Institute Oslo. Available at http://www.mignex.org/d025.