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When does migration lead to positive economic outcomes?

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Remittances, strong transnational ties and return migration can lead to higher wealth and lower poverty levels in countries of origin. However, they need to be coupled with other factors to see such positive economic developments.

By Melissa Siegel, Katrin Marchand, Marcela G. Rubio – Published on 28 March 2024
Key takeaways
Remittances are an important path to higher wealth in a country of origin, but there must be low levels of inequality to see these positive impacts.
Regular contact is needed between migrants and their household members at home to see positive economic outcomes for those staying behind.
Return migration, when voluntary, can result in high wealth and low poverty levels in a country of origin.

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Siegel, M., Marchand, K. and Rubio, M. (2024) When does migration lead to positive economic outcomes?. MIGNEX Policy Brief. Oslo: Peace Research Institute Oslo.