MIGNEX Background Paper

Development impacts of migration as reflected in focus groups


Discussions in 104 focus groups across the 26 MIGNEX research areas show that people are well aware of the positive and negative impacts that migration has on multi-dimensional development at the individual, household and community levels.

By Katrin Marchand, Leander Kandilige – Published on 20 December 2023
Key takeaways
The multi-dimensional impacts of migration are associated mainly with remittances and the absence of household and community members.
The impact of migration extends beyond individuals to communities and family life. It leads to family separation, changes in community demographics, and shifts in culture and traditions.
The four phases of migration (pre-departure, transportation, post-arrival and return) are shaped by and shape health outcomes for migrants as well as the communities they come into contact with.

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Kandilige L. and Marchand K. (2023) Development impacts of migration as reflected in focus groups. MIGNEX Background Paper. Oslo: Peace Research Institute Oslo. Available at www.mignex.org/d074.