MIGNEX Background Paper

A Qualitative Comparative Analysis of the determination of migration processes


There is a strong interplay between root causes, policies, and networks driving migration aspirations and out-migration intensity among 26 MIGNEX research areas in 10 African and Asian countries.

By Mathias Czaika, Zina Weisner – Published on 30 October 2023
Key takeaways
No single root cause is identified as strictly necessary nor sufficient for driving migration aspirations or actual migration behaviour, reflecting the complexity of migration determinants.
Elevated international migration aspirations are shaped by a nuanced interplay of socio-cultural and political-economic factors, where a culture of migration and limited involvement of migration-related policies assume pivotal roles.
A firmly ingrained culture of migration and strong migration aspirations are central, yet not sufficient on their own in generating high out-migration. Complementary local factors give rise to distinctive out-migration patterns.

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Czaika M. and Weisner Z. (2023) A Qualitative Comparative Analysis of the determination of migration processes. MIGNEX Background Paper. Oslo: Peace Research Institute Oslo. Available at www.mignex.org/d064