MIGNEX Background Paper

Migration-relevant policies in Somalia


This paper presents the results of a policy review of the MIGNEX project in Somalia. It provides an overview of the key migration policies in Somalia and their interaction with development and development policies.

By Madison Chapman, Nassim Majidi, Hervé Nicolle – Published on 03 February 2023
Key takeaways
Advancements have been made in the assistance provided to Somali returnees and IDPs, based on the adoption of durable solutions approaches
However, policy implementation is negatively impacted by poor coordination between government actors and a lack of monitoring and coordination mechanisms.
Given conflicts over natural resources, land and property, tenure security and anti-eviction laws will continue to be central to the protection and reintegration of IDPs and returnees.

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Chapman, M., Majidi, N. and Nicolle, H. (2023) Migration-relevant policies in Somalia. MIGNEX Background Paper (v2). Oslo: Peace Research Institute Oslo. Available at www.mignex.org/som