MIGNEX Handbook Chapter

9: Country-level policy review

Cover image of MIGNEX Handbook Chapter 9 on the country-level policy review

This chapter explains the policy review process and the creation of the MIGNEX Policy Database. The aim of the chapter is to provide the guidelines that are necessary to achieve consistency and allow for comparability between countries.

By Marie Godin, Carlos Vargas-Silva – Published on 07 July 2020
Key takeaways
We have adopted a broad definition of ‘policy’ to include particular laws, interventions, practices and initiatives, as well as the broader policy environment.
In addition to migration, we cover other policy areas that are relevant to the migration–development nexus, including employment, health, education, security and the environment.
The policy review examines the degree of policy coherence, policy effectiveness and policy influence on the migration–development nexus.

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Godin M. and Vargas-Silva C. (2020) Country-level policy review, MIGNEX Handbook Chapter 9 (v1). Oslo: Peace Research Institute Oslo. Available at www.mignex.org/d051.