MIGNEX Background Paper

Migration-relevant policies in Ghana

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This paper describes migration management regulations and practices in Ghana and identification of opportunities for improved approaches, drawing upon the data collected about policy approaches and outcomes.

By Leander Kandilige, Joseph Teye, Carlos Vargas-Silva, Marie Godin – Published on 24 November 2022
Key takeaways
Interest in migration policy has increased since the launch of Ghana’s National Migration Policy in 2016. Many programmes and initiatives exist, but there is incoherence across core objectives.
The ECOWAS Free Movement Protocol and a ban on migration to Gulf States have both impacted migration flows, with positive and negative consequences for development.
Viewed as a source of financial and intellectual investment, key initiatives have also been designed to engage the Ghanaian and wider African diaspora to support national development in Ghana.

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Kandilige L., Teye J., Vargas-Silva C., and Godin M. (2022) Migration-relevant policies in Ghana. MIGNEX Background Paper. Oslo: Peace Research Institute Oslo. Available at www.mignex.org/gha