Upcoming webinar: How MIGNEX organized data collection to drive high-quality data

We ran the MIGNEX survey using the SurveyCTO platform. We have now been invited by SurveyCTO to share the quality control measures we put in place for the survey.

Join us for practical insights into our high-quality, innovative data collection.

By Jessica Hagen-Zanker – Published on

Given the large scale of the MIGNEX survey and diversity of research areas, we put great emphasis on carefully thought through quality control measures.They needed to be efficient to run, as well as effective in ensuring that the MIGNEX data is of high quality. These measures, summarised in our handbook chapter, build on the many automated control measures that can be applied in the SurveyCTO platform.

We have been invited by SurveyCTO to share our experiences of using these automated measures, as well as additional measures we put in place. The webinar will take place on Wednesday, 20 April, at 9am ET // 1pm UTC.

In this webinar, MIGNEX’s survey lead, Dr Jessica Hagen-Zanker, will give an overview of the survey and the extensive preparations to deliver a high-quality survey across varied contexts.  We will then hear from the survey teams about the delivery of the survey in practice.

Dr Chike Nwangwu, Raphael Mbaegbu and Sunday Duntoye from NOI Polls will talk about their experiences with the extensive data assurance processes applied by MIGNEX, including many on the Survey CTO platform. They will talk about the benefits and limitations of the measures applied.

We will explore:

  • What the research project leaders aim to gain from the MIGNEX survey
  • How they prepared for the survey and built a solid quality control workflow
  • The experience of their data managers, including how to enforce their data assurance processes using automated quality checks, the review and correction workflow, and Data Explorer.
  • A bonus resource: MIGNEX’s daily checklist for data managers.

We highly encourage those who would like to hear more about the MIGNEX survey, and how we ensured high-quality data collection across 26 research areas with over 13,000 respondents.

Register your place here.

Data collection in Boa Vista, Cabo Verde. Diana Santos for MIGNEX
Data collection in Boa Vista, Cabo Verde. Diana Santos for MIGNEX.

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