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Migration and development dynamics in Boa Vista, Cabo Verde

International mobility has long sustained development in Boa Vista. For decades, the island relied heavily on migrant remittances. More recently, tourism has generated jobs and spurred in-migration. The economy has grown, but the development benefits are uneven.

By Jørgen Carling, Hannah Murray – Published on 29 September 2022
Key takeaways
Virtually all surveyed young adults have family or friends abroad and almost half receive remittances.
Inflows of migration are high. Almost two-thirds of young adults (60%) grew up elsewhere in Cabo Verde; and the remainder (6%) abroad.
People are aware of the benefits of past migration. More than half (54%) of young adults in Boa Vista would prefer to leave Cabo Verde in the next five years.

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Carling, J. Murray, H. (2022) Migration and development dynamics in Boa Vista, Cabo Verde. MIGNEX Case Study Brief. Oslo: Peace Research Institute Oslo.