MIGNEX Case Study Briefs

Migration and Development Dynamics in Enfidha, Tunisia

Cover image: Migration and development dynamics in Enfidha, Tunisia

Despite high agricultural potential and significant infrastructure developments in Enfidha, many young adults feel constrained by a lack of opportunity and migration aspirations are high.

Key takeaways
Residents have been marginalised from recent investment and development in Enfidha and the wider region, leading many to feel ‘ignored’ by government bodies.
International out-migration is a widespread aspiration among young adults, viewed by many as the only option left to improve prospects.
However, both legal and irregular migration have become more challenging in the past decade. Despite frustrations, most expect to stay in Enfidha.

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Kasavan, C. Azouzi, S. Hagen-Zanker, J. and Murray, H. (2022) Migration dynamics in Enfidha, Tunisia. MIGNEX Case Study Brief. Oslo: Peace Research Institute Oslo.