MIGNEX Case Study Briefs

Migration and development dynamics in Yenice, Turkey

Farming is the major livelihood opportunity in Yenice, yet it is not appealing to young people. Socio-economic development is limited and internal out-migration is very common.

By Pınar Ensari, Nilay Kavur, Caterina Mazzilli – Published on 13 September 2022
Key takeaways
Many young adults perceive life as peaceful and secure in Yenice, yet a lack of jobs and quality education are major reasons for out-migration.
International migration is uncommon; people prefer to migrate within the province, mostly to nearby urban centres.
The recent opening of the Çanakkale 1915 Bridge has raised new hopes for trade and local economic growth.

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Suggested citation: Kavur, N. Ensari, P. Mazzilli, C. (2022) Migration and development dynamics in Yenice, Turkey. MIGNEX Case Study Brief. Oslo: Peace Research Institute Oslo.