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Migration and development dynamics in Moyale, Ethiopia

Cover image: Migration and development dynamics in Moyale. Ethiopia

Moyale is rapidly becoming a market centre and major destination for transit and in-migration. Yet informal cross-border trade, drought and renewed conflict threaten livelihood expansion and development.

By Tewelde Adhanom, Hannah Murray – Published on 24 August 2022
Key takeaways
Crossing to border towns in Kenya, where many have family members, is a daily activity in Moyale.
A new 'one-stop’ border post for trade between Ethiopia and Kenya, expected to boost trade and tariff relations, has increased in- and transit migration to Moyale.
One fifth (21%) of young adults would prefer to leave Ethiopia in the next five years. However, beyond regular travel to Kenya, migration aspirations are low.

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Suggested citation: Adhanom, T. Murray, H. (2022) Migration and development dynamics in Moyale, Ethiopia. MIGNEX Case Study Brief. Oslo: Peace Research Institute Oslo.