Results in from the third End-User-Panel survey

As every year, we consulted our End-User-Panel in a short survey. Here are key findings from this year’s survey.

By Jessica Hagen-Zanker – Published on

Since its launch in 2018, MIGNEX has had an End-User Panel (EUP) comprised of members of the policy community, academia, civil society and private sector who work in the migration space. The EUP ensures the practical relevance of MIGNEX research to its end audiences. Recruitment for the EUP is ongoing and the EUP now boasts 175 members.

The 2021 EUP survey

Every year we ask the EUP for feedback in an annual survey. The baseline survey was conducted during the summer of 2019, the second survey in the summer of 2020, with the third survey conducted in the summer of 2021. The response rate for the baseline survey was 54% and then dropped in subsequent years, possibly as a result of survey fatigue and as an effect of the Covid-19 pandemic. In 2021, the response rate was 23%.

EUP views on MIGNEX

Respondents were asked what they perceive to be the most valuable aspects of MIGNEX. In all three years, the generation of empirical evidence was most highly valued. Summarising key evidence in the field and analyses across multiple countries were also listed as valuable contributions by approximately two thirds of the respondents.

Respondents were also asked about their use of MIGNEX outputs. In 2019, 31% stated they had already used MIGNEX outputs, even at this nascent stage of the project. In the two subsequent years, half of the respondents had already used MIGNEX outputs.

Of those who had already used MIGNEX outputs in 2021, 50% had read MIGNEX outputs and a quarter shared them with colleagues, with a third telling colleagues about MIGNEX findings.

Read the report with full findings from the survey.

Join the panel

Applications to the End-User Panel are accepted on a rolling basis. Find out more and apply to join our End-User panel.


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