MIGNEX Insight Videos

Introducing a new video series exploring the key concepts and methods of the MIGNEX project.

The numbers that explain migration

Beyond the needs of the MIGNEX project, we want to give back to the community of researchers and students who use survey methods, in migration studies and beyond. We’ve built on our own experience from past projects -- and on examining dozens of surveys by other researchers. And we did that to really advance and perfect many aspects of the survey methodology. This MIGNEX Insight Video shares the ten steps we’ve taken to help achieve this aim.

The invisible effects of migration

When thinking about the effects of migration on families in sending communities, and the development outcomes, remittances often come to mind first of all. However, changes in development outcomes can be explained by social remittances and changes in norms. This MIGNEX Insight Video explores the less visible effects of migration, on individuals, households and communities. 

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