MIGNEX Background Paper

An examination of the legislative framework in the EU migration and asylum law

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This paper connects the technical analyses of legislation and policy instruments to the broader objectives of the project and contributes to a broad-based examination of policy coherence.

By Talha Gunay, Hildegard Schneider – Published on 23 November 2022
Key takeaways
A patchwork of EU legislations and policies, each applying to different categories of third-country nationals, has been created as the framework for legal migration to the EU.
The EU considers an effective policy on irregular migration and return as the cornerstone of EU migration and asylum policy.
Considered as a corollary of an area without internal frontiers, the Common European Asylum System was created with the idea that asylum standards of Member States needed harmonisation in the EU.

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Gunay T. and Schneider H. (2022) An examination of the legislative framework and policy instruments in the EU migration and asylum law. MIGNEX Background Paper. Oslo: Peace Research Institute Oslo. Available at www.mignex.org/d082.